BELL Academy Uniform Policy

Every Day Uniform

BOYS:  Navy Blue Polo Shirt with logo (short or long sleeve)
              Khaki Pants or Khaki Shorts (to the knee in the summer months)

GIRLS:  Navy Blue Polo Shirt with logo (short or long sleeve)
              Khaki Pants or Khaki Shorts/Skirt (to the knee in the summer months) 

Gym Uniform*

*Students are expected to wear their gym uniforms in lieu of the school uniform on their gym day(s).

BOYS:  Navy T-shirt with printed logo
             Black Cotton or Nylon Pants or Shorts (to the knee)

GIRLS:   Navy T-Shirt with printed logo
               Black Cotton or Nylon Pants or Shorts (to the knee)

PLEASE NOTE: Pants worn for physical education must be PLAIN BLACK.  NO other colors or stripes are allowed at any time.   

SPECIAL EVENTS & SPIRIT DAYS: Students must follow uniform guidelines, including shorts/skirts/dresses being knee-length.

Please contact Susan Yagerman in the main office if you have any questions. 718-428-0587   

Please be aware that your child is required to wear his/her uniform at all times.  In addition, students not adhering to the uniform policy will receive disciplinary action as stated by the Citywide Discipline Code.  In order to opt out of the uniform, a parent must contact the school within 30 days of this notice to obtain the uniform exemption request form and meet with the administration.

Land’s End is the supplier of uniforms for BELL Academy.  You can access BELL Academy's custom link online at  You may also go into stores to order uniforms.

More information on how to order online can be accessed here.

Please note that the only items you are required to purchase from the uniform company are the polo shirts with the logo and t-shirts with the logo for the gym uniform.  The pants and shorts can be purchased at any place of your choosing.  They are offered on the Lands End website as a courtesy to you.  If you are unable to afford a uniform because of economic hardship, please let us know.

As always, we appreciate your partnership in maintaining the outstanding learning environment of your children.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Details regarding uniforms can be viewed here.


Lands’ End is our official school uniform supplier and they have promotions throughout the summertime and the school year. Click on the image below to view our school uniform and make a purchase.

Please note that after clicking the flyer you’ll need to enter the Bell Academy Preferred School Number 900147224. This will take you directly to the items that make up our school uniform. 

     Uniform Guidelines