Community Service and ARISTA National Junior Honor Society


In alignment with the focus on civic responsibility highlighted in BELL’s mission and vision statements, throughout your years at BELL Academy, you are encouraged to engage in community service. Community service is work done, voluntarily, for the betterment of the community. Examples include volunteering to help others, participating in community clean up events, helping staff at school, and much more. To track your community service hours, please complete the log on page 15. Reach out to Ms. Belcastro with any questions.


ARISTA is part of the National Junior Honor Society. Students in the 7th and 8th  grades are inducted into this organization based on excellence in the following five criteria: Scholarship, Citizenship, Service, Leadership, and Character.

BELL Academy has established the following requirements in order for students to be inducted into the ARISTA Honor Society:

  • All students must have an academic average of 90% or above every marking period. 
  • All students must exhibit overall satisfactory conduct. 
  • All students must be positive role models at BELL and in the community.
  • All students must perform ten hours of school and/or community service (Minimum of three hours outside of BELL Academy)
  • All students must maintain attendance and punctuality as per Chancellor’s Regulation.
  • Students must track hours by completing the log on page 15, as well as the Google Survey, linked under Students on BELL Website,

Community Service Hours Log

Please complete this survey to track your hours and write your reflection.