Student Government

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Please use this survey to vote on how you would like the money raised from sellign Autism Awareness bracelets spent.

November 7th is BELL Academy Election Day!

Circle that says election 2022

On November 7th, all students will be voting for Student Government representatives. 

Links to vote can be found below! 

Student Government President Ballot



BELL's Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest

On Election Day, BELL staff participated in a Pumpkin Decorating Contest and we need YOU to help decide on your favorite pumpkins in the following THREE categories:

  1. Favorite Pumpkin
  2. Most Creative Pumpkin
  3. Funniest Pumpkin

You may vote for the same pumpkin for more than one category. Thank you for being part of this contest!

Please vote here: BELL's Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest

 bell academy student government 

​Welcome to the BELL Academy Student Government page. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us at or to Ms. Milazzo at

Suggest New Songs For The Bell!

Please note we will just be using the song's instrumental version during the bells. Your suggestion must be appropriate for school use. Thank you!!

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