Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichmnet Model (SEM)

Student Favorite Book

After seeing the staff favorite books displayed on the bulletin board, many of you have expressed interest in sharing YOUR favorite books! We invite you to share your favorite book with us, so we can display those around the school, as well. Please remember, books must be school appropriate. When submitting this form, be sure to include your name, title and author of the book, a description of why it is your favorite, and a photo of yourself. We look forward to learning about your favorite books!

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Enrichment Clusters

BELL Academy is proud of our enrichment clusters. Our enrichment clusters include fine arts, drama, young entrepreneurs, and many more. 

 two students holding up their 

2022-2023 SEM Clusters




Be the Ultimate Warrior

Have you ever wanted to be the ultimate warrior or wondered what it's like to be one? Maybe you thought you'd want to be in movies and do super high kicks? Or maybe you've argued with friends over who could win in a competition, Jackie Chan or Jason Statham? Let's explore the world of martial arts and immerse ourselves in what makes an amazing martial artist. We will study the origins, do some low-impact training, and get some words of wisdom from real life masters who have studied their craft for more than half their lives. Come see what makes a real life master.

Building Literacy through Movies

Movies are entertaining and fun to watch, but did you know that movies and novels share the same literary elements? Watching and analyzing movies facilitate and develop active listening and discussion skills among viewers. In this SEM, we will discuss our interpretations of the movie’s cultural and social contexts, as well as gain a deeper understanding of setting, characterization, conflict, plot development, central idea, and resolution. We will view a variety of appropriate movies and discuss the impact of these literary elements on the movie’s plot. We will also create “literacy in movies” movie projects, including viewer’s response guides and posters. Let’s build our literacy skills through movies!

Creative Writing/ Poetry Writing

Do you enjoy writing stories and poems? Do you express yourself through words? If so then this SEM is for you as we will write original works of literature.

Critic Cluster

Looking for brilliant eyes, dazzling wit and strong opinions. In the Critics Cluster we will review movies, fashion choices, sporting events, restaurants and more. Students will be able to try food from nearby restaurants, see age appropriate movies and discuss the newest celebrity and entertainment news. Students in this SEM will also work on the writing process with peer and self- editing as they will write reviews of products and even letters with constructive criticism to companies. In this SEM, we will create a Google Classroom where other BELL students will be able to access the critics' writing and read their peer reviews.


Are you a natural performer? Do you like to act? If so, Drama Club is the club for you! Drama Club is for students who enjoy acting, singing, dancing or being cast crew members. You will learn acting skills, play production, teamwork and have experience working on sets. As a club, you will hold performances for the school and spread your talents to our local community.

Note: This cluster is by audition only and is a FULL YEAR cluster for students.

iCivics Soapbox

(Speech & Debate)

The iCivics SEM will explore all the ways in which we can change our community through participatory budgeting, civil action, voting, and interacting with politicians of all levels. Do you see a need for change in the community? Are you unhappy about a law or regulation? Do you love writing speeches and debating? Do you want to share your ideas? Then apply to join the iCivics SEM!

Instrument Ensemble

This SEM is for any student who plays an instrument and is interested in playing music in a group setting. All instruments and ability levels are encouraged to join. We will choose songs to play and arrange them in a way which fits the instruments and ability level of our group. We will rehearse these songs as a group with the intention of being able to perform them for an audience. We will also learn more about music characteristics, theory and performance and ensemble skills. Several types of instruments can be provided for students, however, students who own their own instrument will be given the option to bring their own.

Note: This ensemble is a FULL YEAR cluster for students who already have some experience playing an instrument. Students will not be taught how to play instruments if they have never played it before.


Students will practice mindfulness, mediation, yoga, art, etc to help self regulate and be ready to approach any obstacles the day may bring.

Multicultural Artist Inspiration Workshop 

Have you ever wondered how an art genre was created? Or how an artist can change the world? Well, you are at the right place. In this class, you will look closely at multiple artworks created by famous artists across the world. It is like going to a museum without needing to pay $2.75 for the subway fare. Moreover, you will create artwork inspired by an artist, depending on the unit. And then go on a mini gallery walk to view your fellow indie artist-classmates' masterpieces.

Physical Education and Health

A deep dive into sports, fitness and health concepts. Students will participate and further develop their knowledge and skills in every aspect of physical education. 

Science Fiction and Fantasy Media

Are you a fan of all things science fiction and fantasy? Have you ever thought about what the authors and creators of your favorite stories had to create for these fantasy worlds to come alive? These authors create whole new maps, languages and entire cultures to tell their story to readers. In this SEM, we will take a closer look at some popular fantasy titles and the worlds that they allow us to join. Students will have the opportunity to closely analyze the different layers of the fantasy worlds created in some of our favorite stories, and use this research and knowledge to work on creating a world of their own.

Set/Prop Design

Students will be involved in the hands-on experience of designing and creating sets and props for the cast of BELL Academy's 2022-2023 Drama Play. Work will consist of painting, drawing, cutting, and gluing of 3D sets and handheld props.

Yearbook / Respect Team

Yearbook Club is a student-focused publication club where students work together to collaboratively create the BELL yearbook. Staff members work to take photos, organize page development, and monitor yearbook progress throughout the school year. Layout and page assembly are performed using computerized software. When the yearbooks are distributed at the end of the school year, those students who participated in developing it can take pride in producing a high quality product that will remind students of their experiences and the companionships they formed at BELL Academy for many years to come.


Are you interested in becoming a member of the BELL Academy RESPECT Team? Do you want to encourage BELL Academy students to embrace and share their differences? Being on the RESPECT Team will be a fun and challenging experience. You will have the opportunity to share your ideas and create donation drives and activities around BELL. These activities will build upon our ongoing diversity programs and help BELL Academy embark upon new initiatives that promote respect and diversity and focus on preventing bullying, intimidation, and bias-based harassment.

*Note, this is a FULL YEAR cluster. Priority is given to 8th grade students.